"Chita is a hot bartender with huge assets. A modern day RESPECTABLE slut. She’s an enabler. She’ll serve you drinks with visual aids and pretend you’re not looking at her. Breast milk is her favorite drink for babies. That way they don’t grow up to be perverts. She loves babies!" -'s description of Chita
Chita is another main character and love interest in The Nutshack, alongside with Jack and Phil.


Chita wears a grey crop top shirt with army-green pants. A red thong can be seen most of the time peeking out of her pants. She wears sweat bands on her wrists and has her nails painted. The sweat bands and nails are the same color as her thong. Chita's shoes have grey and light grey stripes, and she has heavy mascara with dark red lips. Chita's hair is reddish brown in pigtails with dark blue scrunchies. She also has lime-colored earrings and an army-green hat.


Chita is a nice person and very accepting. She takes platonic compliments from the local hobo in the bar she works at and loves when her best friend Phil and his cousin Jack visit her at work.

In episode four of season one, she openly talks about how she dislikes plastic surgery and vanity. She also is accepting of Cherry Pie, the town's transgender woman.

In episode two of season one, she sticks up for Jack while Phil bullies him.


Phil - Chita is Phil's best friend. In the first episode, its assumed that Chita is more than Phil's best friend, though throughout the rest of the episode (and series for that matter), Phil helps Jack hook up with Chita.

Jack - Jack is Chita's "friend with benefits". They are not a canon couple, and have never mentioned that they were dating, but it is implied on many occasions that Chita and Jack have sex often.


  • Despite her stated hatred for plastic surgery, she ironically has breast implants along with pumped lips.
  • On many occasions, she has shown anger towards Phil but never to the point of hurting him for his shenanigans.