"Dwayne is a 4th generation landlord. It’s in his blood. It was either that or be a re-occurring character on 'To Catch a Predator'. He was married once to a Filipino Mail order Bride. They were madly in love but citizenship was approved." -'s description of Dwayne
Dwayne is the landlord of the place that Tito Dick and his nephews are living in within The Nutshack.


Dwayne wears mustard yellow pants and a red shirt with white breast pocket and white collar. His shoes are black and white. He has some baldness.

He also has green dandruff that flakes off.


Dwayne is nosy and touchy. He constantly comes into Phil's apartment uninvited (He is their landlord). Dwayne forces himself on to the gang and tries really hard to become their friends but just ultimately gets pushed aside. He is a big push over.


Tito Dick - Dwayne seems to like visiting Tito Dick unexpectedly at times, which usually makes Tito Dick either very uncomfortable or makes him tease Dwayne.

Sanjee - Dwayne likes to do activities with Sanjee that involve adventure when off screen.


  • Dwayne once had surgery done to grow an enormous black Afro.
  • Dwayne was a father at a time.