"Ed is a stoner. He’s only 17 but he’s destroyed enough brain cells to pull off Alzheimer’s. His brain can only hold 2 to 3 thoughts at a time, so any new stuff coming in, forces the old shit out. So if he’s peeing and he has to fart at the same time, his brain doesn’t have enough memory left to remind him to keep standing. He’s like a fainting goat." -'s description of Ed
Ed is a minor recurring character in The Nutshack.


Ed wears a blue jumpsuit that is unbuttoned so you can see his white undershirt. He wears a watch on his right hand and has some paint/grease on his apron.

He wears black converse shoes and carries an orange tool box around. Ed also wears tiny pink glasses and a white and blue baseball cap.


Ed is very relaxed person... Maybe too relaxed. He likes to talk to Jack and Phil when they come around the shop he owns with Angel, DC Customs. He constantly forgets who he is talking to and sometimes forgets all together why he is here.

Ed is a really big stoner who is always seen with pink eyes and a joint. He is very nice though in general and is closer with Phil than with Jack.


Phil - Although no much is known about their past friendship, Ed feels close to Phil whenever Jack and Phil visit him and Angel.


  • Ed knows the way to a secret temple that has an unlimited supply of pot.
  • Ed constantly forgets what time of day it is and where he is due to his addiction.
  • Ed's actual age is 17, according to the creators.