"Horat hails from the jungles of the Philippines. He’s a Tarsier. Which is like a mini monkey with big eyes and sticky fingers. Jack found him close to death in the jungles and saved him with robot parts. Now he’s an annoying talking monkey with endless capabilities. Keep listening, you’ll understand him sooner or later….13th Warrior." -'s description of Horat
Horatio 2.0 (or known simply has Horat) is one of the four main characters, alongside Phil, Jack, and Chita. He's also the comedy relief of the entire series.


Horat is a monkey tarsier-robot created by Jack. His right arm, abdomen, right side of his face, and left leg are robotized parts while rest of his body are regular monkey limbs.


Horat is exactly like Phil. He is very dirty and has a foul mouth. He usually joins Phil on his adventures when Jack is hanging out with Chita (like in the episode Road Trippin).

Horat is often called a "toy" because the apartment in which he lives does not allow pets. He enjoys smoking pot with Jack, Phil and Tito Dick, as well as drinking.

It is revealed in Road Trippin that Horat can pour alcohol from a container attached to his metal abdomen.


Jack - Jack is Horat's creator. While Horat tends to side with Phil in his bullying of Jack, Horat still cares for his creator.

Phil - Phil is Horat's partner in crime. They both tend to cause problems and laugh at them rather than solve them.

Chita - Horat likes Chita mostly for her breast size, in which Chita is greatly annoyed by.


  • Horat was originally created in warm weather in the Philippines. At one point in the episode Road Trippin, he had to be modified by Jack in order to be protected from the harshly cold weather in California.
  • Horat rarely receives any modifications, with the only exception being in the episode Road Trippin.
  • Unbeknownst to Horat, Jack has a specific set line that can control Horat with commands for a brief amount of time, as shown in the season two episode Slasher.