"Tito Dick was once famous! He was part of one the very 1st boy bands called the “boy friends” They were hugely popular in the 70’s but were disbanded when 4 of the 5 members were indicted for various sexual acts. Dick was the 5th member…he was only busted for smuggling dolphins into the US. Now Dick is busy taking care of his nephews and their friends. When he’s not doing that, he’s making babies." -'s description of Tito Dick
Tito Dick is the uncle of both Phil and Jack in The Nutshack. He's seen as a character that fits between major and minor.


Tito Dick wears a light black tank top and tight bell-bottoms. His shoes are light brown and barely noticeable. He wears sparkling gold jewelry on his neck and wrists and also has a sparkling gold belt buckle that says "Dickman". Tito Dick wears black sunglasses whether he is outside or inside. He has grey mixed with black hair and wrinkly tan skin.


Tito Dick is known to manipulate Phil. Aside from that, Tito Dick really loves his nephews. In the first episode, he explains to Phil how important Jack is to him. Tito Dick is also somewhat like his nephew, Phil. He enjoys partying with young women and drinking.


Phil - Tito Dick loves to mess with his nephew Phil. At times, Phil would get so annoyed that he would just flat out ignore him.

Jack - Tito Dick is very fond of Jack. He thinks of him as his actual son, even though he has not seen him in a long time. He has great respect for Jack.


  • It is unsure if Tito Dick actually ever had any love relationships. His two nephews live with him alone so he most likely doesn't have kids of his own. He also never mentions a woman in his life or who was in his life so it can be assumed he was never married.
  • Despite picking on Phil, he respects him almost as much as Jack.
  • He used to be apart of an old popular boy band from the 70's called "Boy Friends" which consisted of him and 4 other unknown members. Apparently, the 4 other members were convicted of crimes, leaving only Tito Dick. So he decided to leave and find a place in San Francisco.
  • Tito Dick used to smuggle dolphins into the U.S. before he lived with his nephews.